Unified Champion Schools Resources

Unified Champion Schools offers a collection of resources for students, teachers and administrators to foster acceptance, respect and youth leadership within their school communities.

Schools that incorporate Unified Champion Schools see an increase in student engagement and achievements as well as barriers broken down so students see their peers as equals and feel free to celebrate their differences. There is a decrease in drop-out rates and an increase in communication between students, teachers and parents.

Unified Champion Schools is successful in schools because the program is diverse and offers new opportunities. Students who may not have been involved in their school before are now participating because Unified Champion Schools allows their voice to be heard. The vision is not limited to sport activities so no matter a student’s interests, Unified Champion Schools has something for everyone!

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Still not sure?   Check out the Outreach for Superintendents and the benefits of Unified Champion Schools in your school or district.

SONC Project UNIFY Staff Contacts

Kaitlyn Smith – Program Innovations Director – East

Kelly Merkl – Program Innovations Director – West