Terrence Holmes – 2016 Special Olympics NC February Athlete of the Month

Terrence Holmes post picTerrence Holmes, 33, of Greensboro has a knack for finding things and connecting with people. The outgoing Special Olympics Guilford/Greensboro athlete used these skills to contact WGHP FOX8 news in High Point, who featured story on him and his soccer team.  Terrence wrote a letter to the station, expressing his desire to share his passion for Special Olympics with the larger community. Being interviewed with his teammates and featured in this news story was one of the most memorable experiences Terrence has had as a Special Olympics athlete.

Terrence loved meeting the reporter and sharing how great Special Olympics and his teammates are.  “We all were so excited to be interviewed and filmed during soccer practice, said Terrence.  “We are good so I loved being able to do that for my teammates!”

He also used his skills at finding people to find his birth family in Texas a few years ago.  “I didn’t realize I had so many aunts and uncles,” said Terrence.  He continues to keep in contact with some of his birth family and hopes they can one day see him compete in a Special Olympics competition.

In addition to meeting and reconnecting with his birth family, Terrence has also been on another journey. After recovering from a severe illness in 2002, Terrence changed his eating habits and embraced a healthier lifestyle. Over the past 14 years, he has lost more than 200 lbs.!  “Before, I couldn’t even do a whole sit up! Now, I can!”  Special Olympics has been instrumental to Terrence’s weight loss success. Both he and his mother, Claire, emphasize the positive and healthy values instilled in Terrence through participating in Special Olympics.  Special Olympics got and has kept Terrence active too which really helps with keeping off the weight too!

Terrence first got involved in Special Olympics in high school and has been competing for 13 years now in bowling and soccer.  Special Olympics not only showed him the technical aspects of each sport, but has also shown him how to get along with and work with his teammates. With his new more athletic physique, Terrence hopes to branch out and compete in even more sports with Special Olympics in the future.

When he’s not active with Special Olympics, Terrence can usually be found volunteering his time with Christian Outreach, Goodwill, Salvation Army, and City Parks.

Congratulations Terrence Holmes – the Special Olympics NC 2016 February Athlete of the Month!



Cereal: Lucky Charms

Ice Cream: Cookies and Cream

Color: Blue

Day of the Week: Saturday

Season: Summer

Vacation: See my birth family in Texas!

Restaurant: Ichibans

Animals: Cats and Dogs

TV Show: Walker Texas Ranger

Movie: Home Alone

Musician/Singer/Song: Seals & Crofts

Actor/Actress: Nia Peebles


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