Winter Games – Alpine Skiing & Snowboarding Head of Delegation Information

January 7-8, 2018 Blowing Rock and Boone

The Winter Games features competition in Alpine Skiing and Snowboarding at Appalachian Ski Mountain located between Blowing Rock and Boone, NC. Athletes receive instruction from professional ski and snowboard instructors, then compete against their peers in downhill ski and snowboard courses.

The GMT and staff at the mountain are looking forward to a great event in January!  Conditions have been favorable for snow and snow making, so keep your fingers crossed this continues through the winter. Check out the live camera from the mountain.

Please note there will be one coaches meeting in the Snow Cloud Room on Sunday at 12:15pm. While all coaches/chaperones, etc. are encouraged to attend this meeting, please make sure at least one representative attends this meeting.

We are proud to announce that Healthy Hearing will be screening athletes before and during the banquet and dance at the Meadowbrook on Sunday, January 7.

Any questions, concerns, cancelations, You can also call or text at 919-818-4520.

Overall Schedule
Driving Directions to Hotels – This document has the street addresses included for you to use with GPS systems.
Map to Appalachian Ski Mountain
940 Ski Mountain Rd., Blowing Rock
Contacts: Volunteer Games Director Michael Welch at French Swiss Ski College at 828-295-9311; or SONC VP of Sports Andrea Stamm, 919-818-4520

Families attending the Winter Games should have registered with Laurie Karr at French Swiss Ski College by December 8. Contact her directly at 828-295-9311 for any questions regarding family registration.

Hotel Reminders/Facts:

  • All delegations will be housed in either the Meadowbrook Inn or the Holiday Inn Express.
  • If you have problems with housing, please contact Andrea Stamm at 919-818-4520.
  • All delegates should be respectful of others by remaining in their rooms after 11 p.m. each evening.  Music and loud talking should not be heard outside the room from which it originates.
  • All delegates should respect all facility property and regulations.  Theft or intentional damage of property will not be tolerated.

Delegation check-in will take place at Appalachian Ski Mountain in the Snow Cloud Room on Sunday from 12:00pm – 12:45pm.  The process will be as follows:

  • Only the Head of Delegation or head coach should come to the check-in area to prevent congestion.
  • Confirm possession of all athlete participation forms.
  • Record scratches/no-show’s.
  • Pick up arrival envelope containing welcome information, bibs for athletes, rental forms, and all credentials for the delegation.
  • Confirm that you have all credentials at that time.
  • Receive all other competition materials.

Lunch – on your own prior to start of event
Dinner & dance at the Meadowbrook Inn

Breakfast – at hotel
Lunch – on your own

The cafeteria at Appalachian Ski Mtn. can prepare box lunches on request. Contact Carla at 828-295-7828. Be sure to specify your SONC local program name. In order for her to process your request and have your lunches ready, please contact her by January 3. Payment must be made to her directly. If you would like for SONC to pull funds out of pooled accounting and send a check on your behalf, please email Andrea at by January 3

Mandatory Coaches Meeting @ 12:15pm – Held in Snow Cloud Room
Attendance by all coaches from each program at the coaches’ meeting is mandatory.  Valuable information and updates are provided during these meetings.  If the coach/representative does not attend, that program is subject to penalty, including loss of the ability to protest.  Call Andrea Stamm at 919-818-4520 if someone is unable to attend due to circumstances beyond their control.

Additionally, a head of delegation meeting will be held Monday at 9:15am in the Snow Cloud room. This is to communicate any last minute updates and the plans for the day.

Sport web page
SONC Winter Games – Alpine Skiing and Snowboarding Coach’s Handbook (includes schedule, rules, etc.)
List of athletes by delegation

Opening Ceremonies will be held on the mountain at 1:45 p.m. on Sunday.

Dinner will be at the Meadowbrook Inn at 6:30 p.m. on Sunday night.  The dance will immediately follow at 8 p.m.

Please make note of these reminders for the Ceremonies:

  • In designing uniforms/selecting outerwear, please remember that Special Olympics Inc. has strict guidelines on the use of the Special Olympics logo. If you need a copy of these guidelines or your local program logo, contact your community resource director. As stated in the Special Olympics Inc. policies, no athlete or coach will be allowed to march in the Opening Ceremonies of any official Games if he/she is wearing a uniform bearing a corporate or organizational logo other than Special Olympics.  Any person that does not follow this policy will not be permitted to sit with the official delegations.
  • Each delegation will be given their delegation sign to hold and will be announced during ceremonies.

We have some great Healthy Athletes screenings available starting at 5pm at the Meadowbrook on Sunday, January 8!

Healthy Hearing will be providing free hearing screenings for all athletes. Look for the signs to the Summit Room on the 3rd floor!