Winter Games – Alpine Skiing & Snowboarding

January 8-9, 2017 Between Blowing Rock and Boone

The 2017 SONC Winter Games featured competition in Alpine Skiing and Snowboarding at Appalachian Ski Mountain between Blowing Rock and Boone, NC on Jan. 8-9, 2017.


Overall Schedule
Driving Directions to Hotels – This document has the street addresses included for you to use with GPS systems.
Map to Appalachian Ski Mountain
940 Ski Mountain Rd., Blowing Rock
Contacts: Volunteer Games Director Jim Cottrell at French Swiss Ski College at 828-295-9311; or SONC VP of Sports Andrea Stamm, 919-818-4520

In order to secure housing and/or access to the Monday night banquet, family members must register with French Swiss with this form. Contact Laurie Karr at 828-295-9311 for more details.

Competition will take place at Appalachian Ski Mountain January 8-9, 2017. Please refer to the schedule for more details. Athletes will be placed into events based on assessment from the ski/snowboard instructors, and will receive training on Sunday based on these assessments. Athletes competing in alpine skiing will be assigned one of five levels: black (advanced terrain), blue (intermediate terrain), green (novice terrain), and yellow (beginner/slight slope).  These levels may be further divided based on the ability of the athlete.

Athletes will then compete in time trials on Monday morning, and the time from that time trial will be used to place athletes into divisions (competitive divisions based on ability, age, and gender). After lunch on Monday, athletes will return to the snow for competition, and be awarded on their place of finish as each division finishes.

Spectator viewing areas are available on the large porch attached to the lodge, and on the 3rd floor in the Snow Cloud Room. Please note that during lunch time, the Snow Cloud room is used to serve lunch to the volunteers, redivision, and for delegations to gather for lunch. You may be asked to make room for these folks during the busy time.  Awards will be presented in the dining room annex, located on the same floor as the cafeteria. Spectators are welcome and encouraged!

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Special Notice from Appalachian Ski Mountain 

Opening Ceremonies will be held on the mountain at 4:45 p.m. on Sunday.

Dinner will be at the Meadowbrook Inn at 6:30 p.m. on Monday night.  The dance will immediately follow at 8 p.m.  A Head of Delegation meeting will also take place at 8 pm.

Please make note of these reminders for the Ceremonies:

  • Ensure your delegation looks sharp!  In designing uniforms, please remember that Special Olympics Inc. has strict guidelines on the use of the Special Olympics logo. If you need a copy of these guidelines or your local program logo, call your field services director. As stated in the Special Olympics Inc. policies, no athlete or coach will be allowed to march in the Opening Ceremonies of any official Games if he/she is wearing a uniform bearing a corporate or organizational logo other than Special Olympics.  Any person that does not follow this policy will not be permitted to sit with the official delegations.
  • Each delegation will be recognized where they are seated and will be asked to stand for acknowledgement.