Motor Activities Training Program

In 1991, the MATP program was introduced in North Carolina and a total of 56 coaches have been certified. SONC continues to develop this program throughout the state.

The Motor Activities Training Program (MATP) provides comprehensive motor activity and recreation training with an emphasis on individualized training and participation based on ability, rather than strict competition. The “competition” within MATP focuses on improving, even slightly, a personal best instead of competing against other athletes.

MATP trains participants in aquatics, dexterity (track & field), electric/manual wheelchair (track & field), kicking (soccer) mobility (gymnastics), striking (softball), and team sports. Some programs refer to these events as “Developmental Games/Events”.

MATP can be incorporated through schools, group homes, residential facilities, and other community-based setting as needed. Local programs can utilize physical therapists, occupational therapists, therapeutic recreation providers and/or adaptive physical education instructors to identify and develop their MATP program.


Sport Development Team

These volunteers advise SONC staff regarding sport rule modifications, competition and also train coaches in their sport! For more information on the athletics sport development team, contact one of the members below.

Sherri Barnwell
J. Iverson Riddle Developmental Center
Morganton, NC

Jerry Crisp
Caswell Developmental Center
Kinston, NC

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