SONC Local Program Updates

Tell us about your Polar Plunge 

Updated 10/13/2017

f you are hosting a Polar Plunge this upcoming winter, please e-mail your Community Resource Director with the date, time, and location for your Plunge. SONC can assist in promoting your event and setting up a registration page for you. If you’ve never held one before but would like more information, they can help walk you through the planning process as well.

Are you maximizing use of your local program web page?

Updated 10/13/2017

Did you know you have your own web page on the SONC website? You can use this page to locate yours – every local program has one! Moving forward, all programs should use their page to promote events, practices, and house basic program information. Please be sure to review your page and send what you’d like to your Community Resource Director.

Square Card Readers Available for Local Programs

Updated 10/13/2017

Do you have a Square? These card readers are available to you free of charge meaning you are now able to accept credit/debit cards at fundraisers! If you do not have a Square, please send an e-mail to your Community Resource Director. We would like to distribute these to all programs to use, especially with Polar Plunge season coming up quickly.


Athlete Ambassadors Needed for Upcoming Events

Updated 10/13/2017

Athletes are still needed to attend the Red Robin Tip-A-Cop events happening across the state this Saturday, October 21.  Contact Kristine Hughes if you have a Red Robin in your area and have athletes interested in helping.  And make sure you stop by to have a burger this Saturday!

Additionally, as you may know, Publix Super Market hosts an annual fundraising campaign in December/January to benefit SONC, and we require that athletes visit all store locations at some point during the campaign. This fall/winter, there may be a Publix store location opening in your county where Athlete Ambassadors will make an appearance. We need your help in registering SONC Athlete Ambassadors, who we will contact directly to attend these events. SONC Athlete Ambassadors may be asked to appear in photos, and to shake hands/greet people, etc., but are not required to be trained in public speaking. They simply show up to these sorts of events to represent SONC and your local program.

The main requirements to become an Athlete Ambassador are: the athlete should be registered and in good standing, be reliable, have a positive attitude, have transportation, and wear black or khaki pants and an SONC shirt at all appearances. Athlete Ambassadors will be given an SONC Athlete Ambassador shirt once they make their first appearance, but sometimes, athletes that attend these events will also receive free food, swag and recognition, so this is a win for everyone! Please share this with your athletes, and direct all interested to register online here.


Safety Makes Sense When Participating in Holiday Parades

Updated 10/13/2017

With the holiday parade season coming up, we want to share these Special Olympics standards as recommended by American Specialty Insurance Services concerning floats/trailers in parades.

Float Risk Management Recommendations:

  • If the float/wagon is being pulled by a truck, the owner/driver of the truck should have a valid license and proper auto insurance. The driver must be screened as a Class A volunteer.
  • If Special Olympics athletes will be riding on the trailer/float, they should be seated at all times, preferably in the middle of the float facing out towards the audience.
  • The occupants of the trailer should only ride on it in the parade and at no other time.
  • If there will be athletes riding the float in wheelchairs, the wheelchairs should be secured to the bed of the float.
  • If benches are constructed on the float, the benches should be secured properly and tested for weight capacity prior to use.
  • The trailer transporting the riders should be in good condition and thoroughly checked before the parade.  The trailer must have proper auto insurance if required by local laws.
  • The coaches/registered  volunteers to athlete ratio should be followed as outlined in the Special Olympics general rules.
  • No candy or other objects should be thrown from the float.
  • Water should be available for riders.
  • Sunscreen should be available for riders (if applicable).
  • Communication between the lead volunteer/staff person on the float and driver of the truck should be available in the event of an emergency.


Fall Tournament preparations are underway!

Updated 10/17/2017

 Registration has now been received and is being verified for this year’s Fall Tournament scheduled for November 3-5 in the Charlotte area.  The typical detailed event information (Head of Delegation information) will be posted online this Friday, October 20.

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Spring sports training – These training school dates will be posted soon but they will once again be multi-sport training schools.  They will very likely be offered near the end of February.  Start identifying coaches now!

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Friday, February 2 2018 (tentative)

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