Special Olympics Randolph County

Welcome to the web site for Special Olympics Randolph! 

Local Program Coordinator

Many thanks go out to Ann York for her leadership as a volunteer in this local coordinator role.  She has now stepped out of this position and we are in the process of identifying a new local coordinator.

What is Happening Now?

We have just completed our fall sports program year and will be spending the next few months looking for local leadership and forming new committees, training new coaches and volunteers and recruiting new athletes.  If you know of anyone interested, please let us know!  The coordinator is responsible for managing all aspects of the program and managing the work of the local committee. And we are looking for volunteers who have an interest in coaching other sports, such as track and field, swimming, basketball and soccer, so that we can offer team sports with an organized training schedule. 

Who Can We Contact?

If you have questions about the local program during this time, please contact Michael Garguilo at mgarguilo@sonc.net.

Thank you for your continued support and we look forward to great things in Special Olympics Randolph County!


 Randolph Calendar

This calendar lists all SONC events happening in the county including area events, fundraisers, local events, area events and state-level events.

Local Program Coordinator


Field Services Director-West

Michael Garguilo

Coaches Needed!
Athletes cannot train without qualified coaches.  We currently need coaches in all sports.

The local program always needs dedicated volunteers.  Contact us today to learn about serving on committees, coordinating events, or just coming out for local competition!  We are currently seeking committee members.
None at this time.  Help us make some!