Strokes and Stitches- Special Olympics NC Athlete is a Multi-tasker


Bleachers packed as can be with excited, enthusiastic athletes ready to fight for the gold is a sight one can expect to see inside the Triangle Aquatics Center at the annual Special Olympics NC Summer Games. But at this year’s competition, while the cheers grew louder and louder, one athlete worked quietly and diligently on her cross-stitch.

Thirty-two year-old Meredith Lamy from Forsyth County is a swimmer who is quite the multi-tasker, Meredith spent her time between events working on needle point, and socializing with everyone around her. Her ability to engage in such a precise and intricate hobby, and converse with other athletes while still paying attention to the competition was very impressive.

When this well-rounded athlete isn’t competing in the pool or working on needle point she engages in several other hobbies such as painting, quilting, walking her dogs, running, and playing the Vibraphone. “My friends call me Melody, because I play a great lower melody on the Vibraphone,” Meredith said proudly. This busy bee even finds time to work at the Enrichment Center of Winston-Salem. Her schedule may be packed with activities but swimming continues to remain at the top of this athlete’s list of favorites.

Meredith is a huge fan of Special Olympics. It has allowed her to meet new people and pursue the sport she loves dearly. “I’ve been swimming my whole life, just like my mom,” Meredith said. “Swimming is great exercise, I really love it!”

If there’s one thing about Meredith Lamy, she sure knows how to focus on the task at hand. When it was her time to shine in the water, she set her cross-stitch aside and rocked the competition taking home the gold in both the 50 yard freestyle and the 50 yard backstroke! She soaked up her applause and went right back to needle work.