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Welcome to Special Olympics Carteret County!

Please welcome Ruth Varner, new Co-Coordinator for Carteret County! Ruth is retired from teaching and currently works alongside our current Coordinator, Darlene Austin, at Carteret Parks and Recreation as Recreation Leader. Ruth has been involved with Special Olympics programming as a bocce, soccer, bowling, athletics, and basketball coach, HOD, UCS and YAP liaison, and fundraiser (wow!). Previously, she worked as an EC Teacher for over 15 years in the Carteret County area. She brings a wealth of experience and I am excited to work with her and Darlene to improve their sports offerings and Spring Games, as well as secure additional funding and grants for 2018.

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Contact Information

Local Program Co-Coordinators

Darlene Austin & Ruth Varner

Carteret County Parks & Recreation
1702 Live Oak Street, Suite 300
Beaufort, NC  28516

VP of Community Resources

Lindsay Waldron

704-358-1935 x161

Global Messengers

Global Messengers are Special Olympics athletes who have been trained in public speaking to serve as ambassadors for the organization.  They can recruit potential athletes, volunteers and sponsors through public presentations. To schedule a Global Messenger appearance, please contact the local coordinator.

  • Anna Hopkins