High Point Bulldogs keep a winning attitude, win or lose

high-point-bulldogsWin or lose, there is nothing quite as powerful as team spirit. After winning 15-12 in their division competition, the Guilford/High Point Bulldogs chose optimism as their greatest team strategy during the 2016 SONC Fall Tournament. As they have learned from the professionals, basketball is not about personal bests, it’s about a team best.

Athlete Connor Bilhardt never rests when it comes to encouraging his teammates. “No way, we’re not going to lose. We’re going to score more baskets on our opponents,” said Bilhardt.

In describing their ultimate game plan, the Bulldogs agreed that they must guard the opponents and pass to other teammates consistently throughout the game. Above all, “Teamwork is important so that we can win,” said athlete Lucy Dean.

As for the source of inspiration for their deep-rooted sense of teamwork and sportsmanship, that comes from the stars.

Ironically enough, the team is strongly divided by their allegiance to NC State and UNC basketball. However, no matter the jersey color they wear, “You can see that when they play, they really work together,” said Dean.

At the end of the game, it is important to both win like a professional and to lose like one too. “If the other team wins, we are going to congratulate them,” said athlete Amanda Cox.

While the outcome of each game is unknown, the Bulldogs know that, “we are going to do our very best,” said Bilhardt.

Before each game, the Bulldogs’ routine consists of a warm-up song played on repeat while cheering on other athletes competing in other games. No warm-up routine is complete without their cheer, “Go Bulldogs!”

Even before they take the court for the first time, it is evident that, “the Bulldogs are the winners, even if we don’t actually win,” said Dean. The team held onto their optimism, making a great comeback in their first game with a winning basket scored by Dean and taking home a fourth place ribbon from Fall Tournament.

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