WOD for Inclusion

WOD for INCLUSION Special Olympics NC Fundraiser
July 18, 2020

Work up a sweat for Special Olympics North Carolina at the “WOD for INCLUSION” fundraising event! The workout “1968” was created to honor Special Olympics athletes worldwide. This event is for anyone and everyone who’s up for a challenging workout for a great cause. Regardless how fast or slow you feel your time may be, just remember YOU are “Making a Difference, One Rep at a Time!”

20 Min Time  Cap
Score: Time to complete. If you do not complete, then your time is 20:00 plus 1 second for every meter and rep not completed.

Part  “A”

-1968 Meter Row (Each team will need to complete a total of 1968 meters. This can be divided by 2 or however the team sees fit. While one member is rowing the other athlete is to begin 10 rounds of Part B)

Part “B”

-10 Rounds of 10 Box Jump Overs, 10 Wall Balls, 10 Russian Kettlebell Swings

Not sure about doing the 1968 WOD? Your gym can create your own WOD or modify the 1968 as needed!

These host CrossFit and gym locations helped raise more than $18,000 for Special Olympics NC:

CrossFit Aestus
CrossFit Brier Creek
CrossFit Embark
CrossFit Fort Dobbs
Crossfit HogTown
CrossFit Greensboro
CrossFit Iron Tide
CrossFit Raeford
CrossFit Wreckage
Deep Well Athletics
Fayetteville PD CrossFit
GSO CrossFit
Hammer Driven Fitness
Railway CrossFit
Seven Seals CrossFit
Ultimate CrossFit
United Fitness CrossFit

Get involved:

2019 WOD for Inclusion Sponsors

Gold Level Sponsors:

Frank Myers Auto Maxx
Superior Insurance – Greensboro
Superior Insurance – Lexington

Silver Level Sponsors:

Piedmont Auto Works

Bronze Level Sponsors:

Junior’s Tree Service
Ron’s Bonds Lexington
Fidelity Bank WOD Bronze

Standards of Procedure

  • Equipment needed for event: 24inch – 20inch box, rower, 53lbs-8lbs kettlebells, 20lbs- 8lbs wall balls.
  • Recommend running 5-10 heats at a time.
  • Recommend giving 7-10 minutes of instruction prior to WOD, scale individuals as needed.
  • Recommend a warm up area for participants.
  • Recommend available area for registration and sponsorship tables.

Event Details and FAQ

*2 person partner WOD, (Partners can be same sex or coed. Also, 2 partners can work at the same time)

*20 Min Time Cap: Both people can work at the same time. One athlete rows (completes Part A) while the other athlete performs the 10 rounds of 10 Box jump overs/10 Wall Balls/10 Russian Kettlebell swings (completes part B). You can alternate back and forth as often as possible until everything is completed.

Score: Time to complete. If you do not complete, then your time is 20:00 plus 1 second for every meter and rep not completed.

Part “A”

-1968 Meter Row (Each team will need to complete a total of 1968 meters. This can be divided by 2 or however the team sees fit. While one member is rowing the other athlete is to begin 10 rounds of Part B)

Part “B”

-10 Rounds of 10 Box Jump Overs, 10 Wall Balls, 10 Russian Kettlebell Swings

-Box Jump Overs: Athletes start on one side of the box. Both feet travel over the top of the box and the rep is completed when the athlete lands on the opposite side. Rx athletes must jump on the box or over the box. Scaled and youth athletes can step up but both feet must touch the top of the box.

  • Rx: Male: 24″ Female: 20″ Must jump
  • Scaled: Male: 24″ Female: 20″ Can step
  • Youth: 20″ Can step

-Wall Balls: Athlete must start with the med ball on the ground. Athletes must pick the med ball up, squat down holding it at the front of the body stand up throwing the ball above the indicated line or to the indicated target.

  • Scaled: Male 14# to 10′
  • Female: 10# to the 9′
  • Youth: 10# or less to the 9’or less

Russian Kettlebell Swings: Kettlebell starts on the floor in front of the athlete. The athlete grabs the kettlebell and swings it back between the legs and then up where some piece of the bell passes above the level of the head

  • Rx: Male: 24kgl531b Female: 16kg/351b
  • Scaled: Male: 16kg/351b Female: 12kgl26lb
  • Youth 12kgl26lb or less

Q: What is WOD?

A: Term that stands for “Workout of the Day”

Q: What does prescribed or Rx mean?

A: Rx is the recommended/prescribed movement or weight for a particular exercise.

Q: What does scaled mean?

A: Scaled is a term used to scale back the weight or modify the movements.

Q: How long will this workout take?

A: The workout has a running clock at 3-2-1-Go. You should allow 30 minutes. Each team will receive 10 minutes for instruction, 20 minutes for workout. Teams who want to shoot for the Rx Version the time is 12 minutes.

Q: What if I can’t do some of the movements?

A: A Scaled version will be offered to modify for participants of every level.

Q: Do both athletes workout at the same time?

A: Yes, One athlete rows while the other begins Part B.

Q: What happens once the 1,968 meters are complete?

A: Once the team has completed the Part A both athletes make work together to complete Part B. It is important that the team communicates to inform each other of their progress.

Q: Can one athlete row the entire time?

A: Yes, As long as the 1,968 meters and the total 300 reps are completed. Teams may choose how they see fit to complete the WOD.

Q: Do you have to complete the Box Jump Overs then Wall Balls then Kettlebell Swings in order?

A: No, teams may break the reps down as they see fit: Ex: 10 BJO, 10WB, 10KB = 30 reps.

Q: How do we know where we can participate?

A: Participating locations will be added to the event website periodically.

Q: What if I want to learn the movements prior to the event?

A: A WOD Standards video is available on the event website to go over the movements.

Q: What if I don’t work out on a regular basis. Can I still participate?

A: YES! This workout was designed to scale to any individuals fitness level.

Q: Can I pay the day of the event?

A: NO, all event registration and payments are applied online through the registration website.

Q: What if I just want to volunteer to help out with the event?

A: There will be several volunteer opportunities available. We will need help with registration and assisting gyms with the participants. Contact your local LETR Officer for more information.

Q: What do I need to bring the day of the event?

A: A SMILE and POSITIVE ATTITUDE! This is for FUN! Water will be provided the day of the event.

Q: Will I be able to see where my time ranks with the other participants?

A: Yes! Team times and rankings will be available via the event website.

Q: Will I be able to see which location has raised the most money?

A: Yes! All contribution levels will be available via the registration website.

Q: Who do I contact if I have more questions?

A: Susan Doggett, SONC Vice President of Development 704-358-1935 X160