Dylan Blommer – 2017 Special Olympics NC August Athlete of the Month

After over 40 years of competing in Special Olympics, Dylan Blommer of Durham County has grown nearly as much as the organization itself.

At at a young age, Blommer began competing in the 25-yard dash, softball throw and long jump on the Durham Academy fields. From there, as Special Olympics grew Blommer simultaneously expanded his skills. The Durham County athlete started competing regularly in powerlifting, softball, basketball and tennis.

He became so strong through the years that he took his powerlifting talents to the USA Games in Lincoln, Nebraska back in 2010. The experience is one that has stuck with Blommer through the years. He not only got to represent the state of North Carolina, but he met so many other athletes along the way.

These days, however, Blommer only flashes his impressive powerlifting ability every once in a while. His favorite sport is the one he gets to play with his five siblings and father.

“Tennis is my favorite because it is great exercise and so much fun,” Blommer explained.

Blommer started playing tennis competitively through Special Olympics and has now blossomed into one of the star players for Special Olympics Durham County’s team. He loves striking forehands across the net and looks forward to going to practice each and every week.

“I love spending time with all my friends on the team,” Blommer said

Blommer’s coach, Carl Ward, says he is always willing to teach his friends some pointers and believes Blommer’s work ethic is second to none.

“Dylan is usually the first player to arrive at practice and I often see him playing with his sister throughout the week,” Ward said.

Camille, Blommer’s sister, practices often with Blommer. She hopes her brother can play tennis all his life just like their father, who inspired Blommer to pick up a racket in the first place. However, she knows Special Olympics has done way more than just improving Blommer’s backhand.

“His participation has not only improved his tennis game but has improved his social skills, independence and confidence,” Camille explained.

Blommer gets excited every time she drops him off for a Special Olympics tournament.

“Before he even gets out of the car a big grin comes over his face,” Camille commented.

Blommer truly loves sharing his passion for tennis with his family. His other tennis partner, his eldest brother Eric, plays with him so often and has noticed the impact sports have had on Blommer. Eric believes Special Olympics has made his brother more outgoing and positive.

“For the whole family it’s been a really great thing. We have something we can focus on with him and he has something he loves to run around and do,” Dylan’s brother said.

In these past 40 years, Blommer has improved his confidence off the court and is now one of the most experienced players on the court. Despite the confidence and experience, Blommer is still the first one to practice and gets a big grin on his face at competitions, just like that youngster who raced down the Durham Academy field years ago.

Congratulations on being named Special Olympics NC’s 2017 August Athlete of the Month, Dylan!



Vacation: Visiting his brother in Utah

Hobbies: Working in the yard and making latch hook rugs

Sport: Tennis

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