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Just Keep Swimming: Donovan Mouton

“Swimmers take your mark!” echoed over the loud speakers as the swimmers anxiously waited for the buzzer to sound. The seconds before a race are full of adrenaline, but for Donovan Mouton, this is the moment he has been training for. This is the moment that he loves. When Mouton first started swimming, he could […]

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North Carolina schools receive national recognition for commitment to inclusion

Six Special Olympics Unified Champion Schools® in North Carolina have received national recognition for their commitment to inclusion through the National School Recognition Program. A Special Olympics Unified Champion School has an inclusive school climate and exudes a sense of collaboration, engagement and respect for all members of the student body and staff. A Unified […]

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At the heart of things

What do we really know about an athlete? Perhaps their stats, or their winning record. A great fan may know the choreography of a big play, or an athlete’s favorite stance. But beyond the skill and discipline, accomplishment and determination, who are these figures we so admire? Every athlete has a story but some really […]

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Seeing clearly: Union County athlete receives glasses for the first time

When Isaac “Joe” Crawford of Union County arrived in Raleigh for the 2018 SONC Summer Games, he had every intention of just bowling his best, making new friends and hopefully earning a medal. In his third year competing in Special Olympics, Crawford was getting better at every competition. Yet as his techniques and skills improved, […]

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