Brogan DeBuhr – Special Olympics NC 2015 December Athlete of the Month

brogantennisTears of joy streamed down Dana DeBuhr’s face as she watched her daughter Brogan steer her horse around the arena at the 2015 Special Olympics NC Equestrian Tournament.  The 10 year-old from Johnston County won two silver medals in her first-ever Special Olympics competition.

“I’m sure all the other parents there thought ‘oh isn’t that sweet’ when they saw me bawling,” said DeBuhr.  “But to see how far Brogan has come in life was just so emotional for me.”

Dana and Eric DeBuhr were so proud to see their third and youngest child show so much personality, independence, and confidence in the ring.  They were astounded to see her skills and command with the horse and impressed to see her remember the equestrian pattern.  In just a few short months, Special Olympics had made a profound impact on their daughter!

“Brogan loves people and is always quick with a smile and a hug,” said DeBuhr.  “But she has numerous health issues and life-threatening Celiac’s disease so it can be hard to do what her peers do.  Special Olympics has just opened up so many great opportunities for her. We are so thrilled she has this in her life now.  We feel like we gained an instant family when we got involved.”

In the fall, Brogan won another silver medal, this time in tennis individual skills at the 2015 Special Olympics NC Fall Tournament.  Again her family was amazed by her performance.

“On the podium, she was clapping for the gold medal winner and extended her hand to her,” said a proud DeBuhr.  “Brogan doesn’t always interact with people even though she loves being around them so to see her make that sportsmanship connection without us ever discussing it with her was just so exciting.  I just was blown away.”

“I love Special Olympics,” yelled Brogan. “I’m hoping to get a first next and I’m going to wear my pink overalls!

Next up for the Special Olympics NC December Athlete of the month is Alpine skiing competition!  Good luck Brogan!

And Congratulations to the Special Olympics NC 2015 December Athlete of the Month!

Color: Pink
Season: Winter
Vacation: Beach
Book: Fancy Nancy
Movie- Frozen
Song – “Let It Go”
Cartoon Character: Elsa

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